Elemntal | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you guys do?

Elem·n·tal creates fully-customizable digital displays for cannabis shops.

What makes Elem·n·tal displays different from XYZ company’s digital signage?

Elemntal’s patented “Display CMDR” web app allows users to be in complete editing/design control of their menu system. With many other digital signage solutions, the user is limited to editing menu items/images on one device via installed software on one computer — or must rely on contacting a representative whenever they want to make a change.  With Elem·n·tal’s Display CMDR, users can edit their menu from anywhere at anytime using any internet-connected device. It allows more freedom and flexibility than you will find with other digital signage solutions on the market.  Another up we have on the other guys is our uber talented graphic artists who are ready and eager to design whatever you can dream up – making your menu unique to your shop’s brand and style.

Are screens included with Elemntal X Series Display Systems?

Screens are not included with X Series Systems.  Elemntal Account Managers can provide screen recommendations and pricing for a select number of brands. Screen availability and pricing varies depending on supply from our partner vendors.

I already have TV screens in my shop. Will Elem·n·tal Display Systems work with my existing TVs?

Yes! As long as the screens you want to use are equipped with HDMI input and are near a power source and Ethernet connection, you’ll be golden.

Does Elem·n·tal provide mounts/brackets or screen installation services?

Not usually, but if you’d like us to recommend screen mounts/brackets and/or help you locate a great installation service in your area, we’d be happy to arrange it for you and include it in your final invoice.

I’m sold! What are the next steps to get started?

1) Decide how many screens you will use for your display.
Will they be set to Landscape or Vertical Orientation?
2) Select which Elem·n·tal display template you like best for your display.
3) Complete a ‘Design Order’ describing the look you want for your custom-
designed background image (free with display system purchase) include
necessary image files (logo, etc.).
4) Send 50% deposit of quote total.
5) Production begins!

How long does the production process usually take?

The time in between production and shipping/installation can take anywhere from 1 – 4 weeks time, depending on volume of orders in queue. Your Elem·n·tal account manager should be able to give you an accurate time estimate once deposit is received.

Does your software work with any POS systems or other cannabis tech entities?

We are currently working on integration with other top tech vendors in the cannabis industry to provide added levels of functionality.